Cricket Coaching Camp

Journey of SLOBA Cricket Coaching Camp


Father Adrian Wavriel, One of our former headmasters, had a dream. He wanted a cricket coaching camp for the budding cricketers of St. Lawrence.

In 1999, a group of 10 ex-students of the school came together to give shape to his dream and the journey of SLOBA cricket coaching camp started, amidst the school campus with a single turf. Under the watchful eyes of one of our ex-students who also represented Bengal in the Ranji Trophy, Mr. Kalyan Dhall, and Mr. Malay Banerjee also an ex-Ranji trophy cricketer  for Bengal,  with active support of Mr. Indra Garg and Mr. Saptarshi Ghosh, both ex-students, 7 Students started their  training initially.

More than a decade and a half down the line, SLOBA Cricket Coaching Camp boasts of 5 training pitches and almost 100 trainees. Many students of SLOBA Cricket Coaching Camp have gone on to represent the school and many have also been selected for various state level tournaments.

Since inception, Mr. Kalyan Dhall, has been working day in and day out to run the coaching program with the help from Mr. Subrata Dutta and Mr. Bappa Roy, ex-student. Now he has passed on the responsibility of the camp to Mr. Anand Singh, ex-student, who runs the camp with the help of            Mr. Rajesh Jaiswal, ex-student, and some recently graduated students. A special mention to Fr. Sebastian James, presently the principal of the school, for taking the initiative and laying down a picturesque grass turf and adding to the beauty of the school ground. The coaching camp has been organizing an inert-school cricket tournament for the past 12 years, which has become a much anticipated event in the sports calendar of Kolkata.

SLOBA Cricket Coaching Camp remains committed in its pursuit of excellence in cricket.