St Lawrence High School, Kolkata


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St Lawrence High School is an English medium school for men-to-be, offering West Bengal Board examinations – Madhyamik Pariksha under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) and Uchho Madhyamik Pariksha under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE). It caters to students from classes 1-12. Various small and noteworthy steps have taken the school to a level of development acknowledged by the State of West Bengal and was awarded one of the best schools of south Kolkata in 2013.


The Portals of St. Lawrence High School….

As we enter the Portals of St. Lawrence what is most striking to the eye is the new facelift of the School under the protective care of St. Lawrence whose statue has been installed at the entrance to welcome the students at the start of the day.

arrow The School entrance 



 Installation of statues at several locations across the campus

In view of a creating a holistic and serene environment for study and development a number of statues have been installed at several locations in the campus to instill in the minds of the students and teachers a sense of sanctity and brotherhood so that they grow up to be persons for and with others and to make learning a joyful experience.


                  A symbol of love and care                                                                     A symbol of brotherhood

 Lush Green School playgrounds laid with new grass and lined with seasonal flowerbeds including installation of LED lamps across the sprawling campus

The School Authorities have worked untirelessly in the last few months to give the students a pollution free environment with two lush green playgrounds that are the heart and lungs of St. Lawrence School. The playgrounds instill a fresh breath of life into the staff and students of the school. It is just amazing to have such green fields in the heart of the city of Kolkata.


 Staffroom renovated and relocated from the second floor to the ground floor

The Staffroom has been renovated and relocated to the first floor with state of the art interiors for the benefits of the teachers to create a positive work environment and also to enhance discipline standards of the school.

 Construction of new apple student and teachers labs

In view of the advancement of technology, the school management thought it wise to give the students and staff a hands-on-experience on the latest hardware and software. This includes development of new student apple computer labs, an apple lab for teachers, an astro-physics lab for research. All of this has been done to bridge the latest platforms of information and Technology with education so that students use electronic gadgets for productive and effective study, which would in turn assist them to perform par excellence in their examinations and tests. It would also make learning a more interactive and joyful experience which would be also very beneficial for students at large, especially for the average and less fortunate children in the classroom.


 Revamping of the Library

A School is a temple of learning where study resources should be easily available and accessible. With this in mind St. Lawrence High School has embarked upon the novel idea of revamping the School Library for the benefits of the students where they would be able to access a sea of resources in terms of books, encyclopedias and e-content. A digital photocopier and printer has also been installed for digitalization of the School library to make e-books available online to all students is also on the cards.

 Renovation of the stage Britto Stoa

The Britto Stoa stage of St. Lawrence High School has been renovated and given a new facelift for the benefit of teachers and students who can now perform stage performances, have school assemblies and programmes on this new platform. The Stoa has been renovated with a modern outlook and design. Parent Teacher meetings and Prize Distribution Ceremonies are also held here.


Elocution Contest being held at the renovated Britto Stoa                      Students performing at the renovated Britto Stoa

 Renovation of Wavreil Hall

Wavreil Hall at St. Lawrence High School has been renovated with modern interiors and is fully airconditioned to facilitate Teacher Orientation & training programmes and Staff meetings. The teachers and students can now enjoy having their meetings in the renovated Wavreil Hall with ultra modern facilities.

Fr. Sebastian James, SJ, Principal, Fr. Joseph Toppo, SJ, Vice Principal and Staff members at the newly renovated Wavreil Hall


 Installation of ERP School Management Software, generation of Computerized report Cards and Computerized Time Table

Digitalization and Centralization are the keywords of today in terms of Data Management platforms. The school has taken a pain staking initiative of digitalizing student and staff records of the entire school into a centralized software platform. Now student and staff data is available at the click of a button. The school has given the staff and students a computer generated time table, which is very scientific and saves a good amount of time and energy. A scientific time table is the backbone of staff and student performance. This has been successfully done on account of the innovative and experienced approach of the management authorities of the school.

 Development of the School Website and e-messaging system

Effective Communication is the ‘buzz’ of the day in view of the value of time when it comes to accessing information. The new school website keeps parents, students and staff informed on all recent happenings in the school with regard to academics, school events and activities. Parents are also informed via SMS on meeting dates, unscheduled holidays, events, activities etc. Development of several apps for the school for the benefit of the staff and students is also in the pipeline.

 Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms have been installed in the classrooms of classes 1-7. The content of the digital classrooms are mapped to the school books and syllabus of the school on a yearly basis. Several lessons and chapters have been animated to enhance learning standards and performance levels. The smart classrooms have been very beneficial for the slow learners, average and less fortunate students in the classroom.

 Installation of Network Printers, Scanners and Photocopiers

The school has taken the initiative to install high end centralized digital colour photocopiers, network printer and scanner for the benefit of the administration staff, teachers and students. Print, scan and photocopy output on these machines is of high quality and happens at great speed. This in turn saves valuable time and enhances productivity of work to create a positive work environment. Staff, teachers and students can now avail of facilities of printing, scanning and photocopying in the school premises, instead of searching for the same outside.

 Installation of CC TV and surveillance

Security is a priority for an institution. St. Lawrence High School has understood this priority and has installed high definition cameras in the entire campus for the benefit of students and parents. All areas in the school campus are under CCTV surveillance as per government norms.


St. Lawrence High School convenes Student Exchange Programmes with China and USA where two groups of students of St. Lawrence High School based on merit and accompanied by teachers visit China and USA separately to learn and experience new environments and cultures. Similarly students from these two countries also visit St. Lawrence High School once a year. This is a great learning experience for students of both countries.


♦ Staff Orientation Programme conducted by Brother Gerard Alvarez

St. Lawrence High School invited Brother Gerard Alvarez to conduct a Staff Orientation Programme on the 7th of March 2015, where the teachers underwent an experiential, self-realization process. Focus was given on the importance of ‘the role as a teacher’ towards each and every student considering their uniqueness. Brother Gerard Alvarez threw light on crucial elements embedded in a teachers’ role which helps them to take the correct action towards a student and the school environment based on various contexts and changing paradigms that would channelize the students in the right direction to make their lives better. Teachers also learnt ways and means of moulding themselves to understand the needs and requirements of students. The practical emoluments helped teachers discover themselves, which in turn lightened the spark within them towards the journey as mapped by Brother Gerard Alvarez.

♦ Workshop conducted by Dr. Sunita Kaufhold Director of Curriculum & School Improvement, New Jersey, USA on 3rd April 2015




Dr. Sunita Kaufhold Director of Curriculum & School Improvement, New Jersey, USA conducted an extremely meaningful workshop in St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata on 3rd April 2015 where she opened up the most vital windows for the teachers to get a better view of life. She made the teachers, comprehend the varieties of life that exist in their classroom itself. Students of varying learning skills must be identified, understood, and then appropriately dealt with – formed the crux of the workshop. She highlighted certain obvious patterned behavior which mostly remains in oblivion amidst all the duties and tasks of a teacher. The way she designed the workshop elicited the subjective and objective arenas of the teacher projecting an array of ‘discovery of selves’. The design of the workshop titled "Preferential Options for Slow Learners- Teach and Reach Out to the Last and the Lost Students" was apt and formed quite a holistic tool for the teachers enabling them to handle such practical situations. The speaker engaged about 80 teachers in several activities which generated automatic and spontaneous results addressing the issue at hand. The orientation was lively and energetic for which the credit should go to the charismatic persona of the speaker and her thought provoking deliberations.

♦ Science sessions conducted by Dr. Jaydeep Mukherjee, Director of NASA Space Grant Consortium, USA

On 17th Dr. Jaydeep Mukherjee, Director of NASA Space Grant Consortium conducted two sessions for our science and arts students. The session enhanced the knowledge of the students greatly. He has also gifted three meteorites fragments to the schoo l:

a. Stony Iron found in Morocco      b. Iron Nickel found in Argentina     c. Iron Nickel found in Siberia, Russia



St. Lawrence High School opens doors to St Xavier’s College for opening a new Co-ed Commerce Section (evening) under the aegis of Fr. Sebastian James, SJ, Principal of the School and Fr. Felix Raj, SJ, Principal of St. Xavier’s College with 210 seats. The students of the College are now enjoying the benefits of this lush green campus that offers its students a holistic and healthy learning environment. Existing Lawrencians and students now have an added advantage of having access to one of the most renowned institutions in the country and across the world.


St. Lawrence High School has embarked upon the novel idea of making learning a joyful and interactive experience by introducing new methods of study, bridging traditional method of teaching and learning with modern day technology.


Facilities for students

 Green play grounds lined with trees and flower beds

 E-learning platforms and Smart Class rooms

 New Apple Computer Labs Three Computer Labs

 with the latest operating systems - Windows and Mac

 Three Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

 Geography Lab

 Astro - Physics Lab

 Revamped Library

 Auditorium for lectures and performances

 Extracurricular activities: debate, extempore, drama, elocution, music, school choir, fest etc

 Games and athletics: football/cricket/hockey/badminton/basket ball

 Indoor games: table tennis, caroms, chess

 Annual sports

 Student Exchange Programmes with China and USA

 Special educational guidance

 Academic medals/prizes, merit-cum-scholarships namely Certificate of Honour, Merit, Good Conduct, 100% attendance, application prize

 Career counseling sessions conducted by Maritime Education

Facilities for teachers

 Renovated Staff Room

 Apple labs for academic research related to school curriculum

 Apple Seminars on e-learning

 Internet facilities

 Games equipment in the staffroom

 Orientation Programmes

Aims and future vision

 Online and Offline educational services to the teachers, students, parents with the help of latest software and technology

 Special attention to the weaker and slow learners

 Inspire back benchers to be the front runners and torch bearers in the future

 Instill sense of value in shaping the character of a child

 Further upliftment of the less privileged sections of society irrespective of caste-creed-social status

 Special efforts to promote unity in diversity with Multi cultural & Multi Religious Celebrations

 Instill a sense of justice

 Create a sense of commitment for service to the less fortunate

 Interactive Parent teacher meetings and orientation programmes


Admission: class 1: Application invited in the month of August for class 1; age - 5+ yrs

Admission: class 11: After the Madhyamik Pariksha results – in case of any vacancy some seats are allowed to students other than those of St Lawrence High School in the Commerce, Arts and Science Streams. Admission forms are available at the School Office or can be downloaded from the school website at


1810 started as an elementary school, attached to the Church of Our Lady of Dolours at Baithakkhana, Sealdah

1855 came to be known as St John Chrysostom’s School

1902 sent up students for the Lower Primary Examination

1913 onwards boys were trained for the Junior Cambridge Course with English as the medium of instruction

1920 recognized as a High School by the University of Calcutta

1922 sent up the first batch of students for the Matriculation Examination

1930’s it was a boarding and a day school

1937 shifted from Baithakkhana (Bow Bazar) to Ballygunge Circular Road and rechristened St Lawrence High School

1953 January, a new Jesuit residence came up

1958 upgraded to class 11 Higher Secondary; introduced NCC Air wing; erected a new block for Primary Section

1976 adopted the 10+2 pattern of education; opened Higher Secondary Department recognized by the West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education with Science and Commerce streams

1980 opened a Bengali stream in Commerce and a Bengali section from class I to 10 in the Primary and Secondary sections

1981 relocated the Boarding section and the school chapel to a new complex

1984 inaugurated the school library-cum-reading room known as Rabindra Granthagar

1986 started computer facilities for students

2014 inaugurated Wavreil Hall for conferences and meetings.

2015 St Lawrence High School opened doors and joined hands with St Xavier’s College Commerce Section (evening) under the aegis of Fr. Sebastain James, SJ and Fr. Felix Raj, SJ.

2015 renovated and relocated the Teachers’ Staff Room

2015 renovated the Britto Stoa stage

2015 construction of new student and teacher Computer labs

2015 revamping of the library

2015 entire campus under CCTV surveillance

2015 lush green fields for students and members of the teaching staff


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