Message From Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Well Wishers of St. Lawrence,

It has been a year filled with activity and challenges. The staff and students have strived hard to meet these challenges and reach standards par excellence. Our teachers who have relentlessly embarked upon the mission as collaborators in ‘moulding students into men for tomorrow’ who in turn are the building blocks of the society and nation at large. In this context it becomes vital to focus upon grooming the personality of each student, which is also an integral part of the Jesuit legacy, Jesuit pedagogy and Jesuit education system all over the world. 

Education is not only about trying to retain everything in the book but comprises of multi-faceted aspects such as visualization, conceptualization and application. Keeping in mind the changing scenario, magnitude and manifold prerequisites of the modern classroom, we as Jesuit educators are striving hard to make learning an Interactive and Joyful Experience in the classroom. The goal and aim is to realize this ideology and transform this aim into a reality. This aim is being achieved at St. Lawrence where technology is gradually blending with traditional education platforms to bring out the best in our students.

‘A small light on a hill top’ is visible from afar and instills ‘a ray of hope’ in our hearts. It is our vision to be this light in our surroundings and across the globe at large. With this perspective in mind, the school and its management has taken steps to provide world class ‘learning environments’ and facilities to our students and teachers to enable students understand for life and not just studying for the examinations

In context of the above and with the support of dear parents we are the first school to have an i-Pad Lab and e-Library for our students. The school has also built ‘state of the art’ Computer labs,  new Chemistry, Biology and Physics Labs for students to understand the concepts of Science in a more realistic manner. We have also worked hard on the aesthetic outlook of the campus to instill a ‘spirit of learning’ in our students. It is noteworthy to mention here that St. Lawrence High School has been declared ‘Global winners of South Asia in the St. Francis Xavier Global Instagram Competition’ and have been awarded with First Place across the Globe. I convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to our parents, teachers and students for this wonderful achievement!

I sincerely thank all the teachers, parents and students who have worked as collaborators and have helped us to overcome milestones and set benchmarks in varied spheres of education in the classroom and beyond.

For God and Country.

Fr. Sebastian James, S.J.