Message From The Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Well Wishers of St. Lawrence,

As I recall the moments etched in my memory in this academic year I am amazed to see the talent graph of my students. This year also has been filled with activity and challenges; and we are not only continuously striving to meet them but also striving to reach standards par excellence.

In a world of on going technological advancement and online social platforms we see our parents and students being subject to several challenges. Technology and progress is definitely good for any society, but on the flip side it can be misutilised as well. Keeping this in mind we are having counselling sessions for our parents and students regularly to meet these challenges.

St. Lawrence High School is striving hard to instill a spirit of service in our students, so that these young ones are transformed into ‘men of character’. It is of utmost importance to realize that our students are the future and building blocks of the society and country at large. Our school is doing its best to instill moral values in our boys, which is fast fading away in the present times. At the same time we are also blending technology into our teaching methods so that students are nurtured and well equipped to meet challenges they may face when they step out into an unknown and ever evolving world. In this context the school has incorporated ‘Apple Technology’ in its teaching and learning method developed two I-pad labs, one mac lab for students to learn with the help of ‘Augmented Reality and 3D concepts. We have also developed a ‘child friendly’ state of the art Computer lab for our Primary section students.

This year also saw our students accompanied by some of our teachers visiting NASA for an educational trip for fifteen days. In the course of the trip the students visited the Rocket garden, Rocket assembly Centre, IMAX, Rocket launch checklist Centre, the Kennedy Space Centre Visitors Complex (KSCVC) activity and experienced test launches. Lawrencians also made mini rockets and analysed data of test launches. It was really mesmerizing to see our budding future scientists.

It is also vital that our students grow up to be ‘Persons for others’. This year has seen our students cross several milestones and set new benchmarks in academics, sports, games, art, extra curricular and social activities. Apart from academics Lawrencians have taken keen interest in helping the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ and ‘The Missionaries of Charity’ with great enthusiasm. I would also like to extend my gratitude to our parents and students have contributed generously to help victims of the ‘Kerala flood aftermath’.

St. Lawrence High School in collaboration with St. Lawrence Old Boy’s Association and with other Jesuits schools around the world celebrated International Day of Sport for Development and Peace with a unique online #WhiteCard Campaign titled ‘Ensemble 2018’. The Celebration concluded with students participating in the drawing competition ‘Expression 2018’. Mr. Roald Bradstock, former Olympic Javelin thrower and Olympic Picasso was the brand ambassador for the event.

We have also witnessed the third chapter of ‘The Tin and Can Football tournament’, the aim of this event being ‘Everyone can play’. Students of all ages participated with a spirit of great sportsmanship on the field. The fourth chapter of ‘Mathematics and Statistics Seminar’ also happened with great vigour where several reputed schools across the city participated to display their talent and skill.

To conclude I would like to thank the staff who have strived hard to the best of their ability to reach standards par excellence. I would also extend my heartfelt gratitude to the students who have made contributions in any form to this year’s edition of the Lawrencian. Last but not the least, a sincere word of thanks to our parents who have supported all my endeavors. I end with a quote of Dr. A.P.J. Kalam who stated “ if our country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three societal members who can make a difference; they are the father, mother and the teacher”.

I sincerely thank all the teachers, parents and students who have worked as collaborators and have helped us to overcome milestones and set benchmarks in varied spheres of education in the classroom and beyond.

For God and Country.