Work Shop by Brother Gerard Alvarez

Orientation Programme for the teachers of St. Lawrence High School            Conducted by Brother Gerard Alvarez.


It was the 7th of March 2015. We the teachers of St. Lawrence High School attended an orientation programme with a difference.  We underwent an experiential, self-realization process. We realised the real importance of our role as a teacher towards each and every student considering their uniqueness.

We felt that empathy was the crucial element embedded in our role which helps us to take the correct action towards a student and the school environment based on various contexts and changing paradigms.

We learnt not to be judgemental but respect the differences and shortcomings which are intrinsic and channelize the student in the right direction to make his life better.

We learnt how we could mould ourselves to understand the needs and requirements of our students.

The movie that was shown was soul searching and apt. The aromatic candles, the rose petals and the symbolic washing off our sins added more meaning to the orientation.

Rev Father Principal Sebastian James S.J. volunteered to adhere to such a meaningful act by playing the pivotal role when he held the “cloth” where the teachers “wiped their hands”. By doing so he exemplified the meaning and intensity of the act.

The practical emoluments helped us discover ourselves and lightened the spark within us towards the journey as mapped by Brother Gerard Alvarez.