Caution Money

Caution Money Deposit : Terms and Conditions

  1. i) This deposit is fully refundable without any interest subject to clauses VII & VIII.
  2. ii) The Caution Money deposit must be made by a separate Fee Slip.


iii)  Caution money will be refunded only when a pupil passes out of the School or is withdrawn from the School and a Transfer Certificate is applied for.

  1. iv) Caution money will be refunded only to the depositor or a person authorised by him. The signature of the person so authorised should be attested by the depositor. In the event of a depositor’s demise, refund will be made to the legal heir on production of relevant, valid and certified court documents, attested copies of which must be submitted together with the Caution money bank deposit receipt and Security Deposit Certificate in original.
  2. v) The Original Caution Money deposit receipt must be presented at the time of refund. If the same is lost, the School will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the depositor thereby. The School should, however, be immediately informed of the same. An affidavit should be submitted in that case.
  3. vi) Refund of the Caution money will be made by A/c Payee and NEFT Cheque in the name of the depositor or his legal successor.


vii)    Any deliberate damage, disfiguration, etc. of the Deposit