Honing hidden skills……

Dr. Sunita Kaufhold Director of Curriculum & School Improvement, New Jersey, USA conducted an extremely meaningful workshop in St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata on 3rd April 2015 where she opened up the most vital windows for the teachers to get a better view of life. She made us, the teachers, comprehend the varieties of life that exist in our classroom itself. Students of varying learning skills must be identified, understood, and then appropriately dealt with – formed the crux of the workshop. She highlighted certain obvious patterned behavior which mostly remains in oblivion amidst all the duties and tasks of a teacher. The way she designed the workshop elicited the subjective and objective arenas of the teacher projecting an array of ‘discovery of selves’. The design of the workshop titled "Preferential Options for Slow Learners- Teach and Reach Out to the Last and the Lost Students" was apt and formed quite a holistic tool for the teachers enabling them to handle such practical situations. The speaker engaged about 80 teachers in several activities which generated automatic and spontaneous results addressing the issue at hand. The orientation was lively and energetic for which the credit should go to the charismatic persona of the speaker and her thought provoking deliberations.

We, the teachers, are grateful to our very own Principal, Rev. Father Sebastian James, S.J. for organising such an enlightening and exciting workshop. The proceedings were covered by a host of renowned media houses. As teachers we expect that such meaningful orientation sessions would take place frequently for the holistic development and betterment of our institution.

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