Good Manners

Good Manners in School

+    Help each other as brothers in everything you do.

+    Come to school prepared with text books and the days homework done.

+    Behave well in the school bus with school mates and bus staff.

+    Do not pass comments at people in the bus or passing along the road.

+    Senior students should look after the juniors, not bully or tease them.

+    Always wish your teachers and other staff members and address them as "Sir or


+    Speak politely use the terms: - "Please"; "Excuse me"; "Thank You"; "Sorry" wherever

     and whenever necessary.

+    Give way to your teachers and all school staff in the corridor and stairs.

+    Do not run or play football or slide along the corridor. You might hurt yourself and


+    Do not hurt anyone in any manner anywhere.

+    Be polite and considerate while talking, walking or playing.

+    Avoid pushing, pulling, hitting, spitting and tripping friends / classmates in the school.

+    Respect Silence Zones — Chapel, Library, Laboratory.

+    Do not walk dragging your feet on the floor.

+    Move in an orderly way while changing classrooms.

+    Do not litter the school premises.

+    Avoid chewing gum.

+    Smoking and use of mobile phone are not allowed in the school.

+    Be respectful to all guardians and parents in and outside the school.


                             Good Manners in the Classroom

     +   Be quiet and do not play in the classroom as it is a place of study.

     +   Never quarrel or fight in the classroom or school premises.

     +   Keep your desk and classroom clean and tidy.

+    Stand up and wish the teacher as he / she enters or leaves the classroom.

+   Say the prayers in the beginning and at the end of the day.                                                           

  +       Requests should be made politely saying "May I.....".

     +   Do not shout or run about in between classes.

     +   Get ready for the next class, as you wait for the teacher to arrive.

     +   Listen to your teacher carefully, think before speaking or answering.

     +   Do not distract the teacher in between a lesson.

     +   Raise your hand when you have a doubt or an answer.

     +   Listen and be attentive to others’ queries or answers.

     +   Compliment each other and respect others’ ideas.

     +   Take care of yours’ as well as others’ belongings.

     +   Never take what belongs to others without permission.

+    At the end of the day critically examine the day’s work and activities and note down in your

     diary all that you have learned or experienced.




+    School uniform must be worn neatly and properly.

+    Shirt and pants must be clean and ironed well.

+    Low waist pants are unsuitable for a gentleman.

+    Shoes must be polished.

+    Keep your body clean by bathing daily before coming to school.

+    Cut your nails and keep your hands clean.

+    Keep your hair trimmed and combed.

+    Say "sorry" or "excuse me" after sneezing, coughing, yawning.

+    Keep a distance of at least 2 feet while speaking to somebody.


+    Wash hands before eating.

+    Chew your food with mouth closed.

+    Eat slowly, take time to chew.

+    Don't make a noise while sipping or drinking.

+    Do not take food from others’ tiffin box without permission.

+    Clean your teeth and wash your mouth after eating.

+     Do not eat inside the classroom.